Skin Care Haul

Happy Sunday! I hope that you are having an amazing weekend!   I just want to share with you today a few skincare bits that I have picked up recently. I go through phases with my skincare where I either am using the same products over and over without really thinking about it or I'm… Continue reading Skin Care Haul

Date Night Edit

The satin skirt trend is blowing up right now, and I couldn't be happier. They are so flattering and beautiful and they feel amazing on freshly shaved legs! I picked up this gorgeous deep red satin midi skirt from Sportsgirl (for only $89.95!) and I have been obsessed with it since. I honestly think about… Continue reading Date Night Edit

Too Faced Dew You: Review

Leigh Campbell made me do it.   I first heard about this Too Faced foundation via Leigh Campbell on the You Beauty podcast. Without getting too much into it, this podcast has recently made me pick up quite a few beauty items over the past couple of weeks (but I'm not complaining - they have… Continue reading Too Faced Dew You: Review


My Hair Care Routine & Products

Let me preface this post by saying that I am by no means a hair care or hair product guru. I simply want to share my favourite products that I use to take care of my hair as well as my routine for using those products. In saying that, I do like to think that… Continue reading My Hair Care Routine & Products

A Valentine’s Day Message

I love love, and I love giving gifts. Enter Valentine's Day: a perfect combination of the two. There is a lot of ambivalence towards this day, with many boycotting the day saying that you shouldn't pick one day of the year to show and/or tell someone that you love them. In response to this, I… Continue reading A Valentine’s Day Message

Valentine’s Day Gin & Tonic

In the spirit of February, I thought I would kick things off with a (I put this lightly) recipe for a Valentine's Day themed gin and tonic. In reality, a gin and tonic is suitable for any occasion and you don't necessarily need a recipe, but this one bumps it up a notch with Beefeater… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Gin & Tonic