Cruelty Free Series: Best in Haircare

Let us begin this blog post by acknowledging the elephant in the room.   This is my first blog post in quite¬†some time.   The fact that I haven't posted on my blog in so long has made me feel really sad, quite defeated and honestly guilty. I think for a long time I was… Continue reading Cruelty Free Series: Best in Haircare

Product Empties + Reviews

Happy Monday lovelies! I feel as though it has been such a long time since I have published a blog post. Life has been a tad busier than normal recently, and I have definitely struggled with managing and prioritising my time to get everything done. I need to get back into planning out my posts… Continue reading Product Empties + Reviews

7 Reasons Why You Need This $14 Highlighter

If you're like me, and you love to have a dewy glow, then look no further for the perfect highlighter.   The MCoBeauty Highlight and Glowstick from Model Co Beauty is your answer. Here's 7 reasons why:   1) It's $14 For what you're getting, this product is such a bargain. I purchased it while… Continue reading 7 Reasons Why You Need This $14 Highlighter

Skin Care Haul

Happy Sunday! I hope that you are having an amazing weekend!   I just want to share with you today a few skincare bits that I have picked up recently. I go through phases with my skincare where I either am using the same products over and over without really thinking about it or I'm… Continue reading Skin Care Haul

Too Faced Dew You: Review

Leigh Campbell made me do it.   I first heard about this Too Faced foundation via Leigh Campbell on the You Beauty podcast. Without getting too much into it, this podcast has recently made me pick up quite a few beauty items over the past couple of weeks (but I'm not complaining - they have… Continue reading Too Faced Dew You: Review

My Hair Care Routine & Products

Let me preface this post by saying that I am by no means a hair care or hair product guru. I simply want to share my favourite products that I use to take care of my hair as well as my routine for using those products. In saying that, I do like to think that… Continue reading My Hair Care Routine & Products