How I Practice Self Care

As I sit here on the couch, sick with a cold and watching Westworld, I figured what better topic to write about than self care. Practicing self care can take form in many different ways, and for many different reasons. The way in which people take care of themselves is extremely personal and unique, but I love hearing the way people choose to put themselves first.


As with many guys and gals out there, one of my daily self care practices is my skin care. Twice a day, every day, I cleanse, tone and moisturise to keep my skin clean and glowing. There is honestly nothing better than a hot shower followed by lathering myself up with face oil and moisturiser. As well as the daily skin care regime, I also treat myself on a Sunday evening to a face mask. At the moment I am currently using and loving the Origins Original Skin retexturising mask with rose clay. It smells gorgeous and leaves my skin feeling and looking great. It also helps me unwind from the weekend while preparing me for the week ahead.

Aside from taking care of the external, it is equally important to ensure we are looking after ourselves internally. I LOVE food, but to ensure I am making good choices and making them easy, I plan my meals for the week. Every weekend, I sit down with a notebook and pen and go through my recipe books, as well as my favourite food websites/blogs, and pick out our dinners for the week. I choose meals that I know we will enjoy but are also balanced and nutritious.  When I’m eating well, I feel my best and it encourages me to keep working out. Planning the meals in advance takes the stress out of choosing what to make for dinner on weeknights.

To make my heart happy, I love to just take time out and listen to what my body wants to do. Whether that be going for a stroll with Matt along the water with a coffee and croissant or rugging up to go see a movie, I always feel amazing after doing something special that I don’t get a chance to do every day. These experiences are grounding and make me grateful for all the wonderful opportunities around me.


I hope that you take the time to do something today/this week/this month that makes you feel happy and healthy.



Gabby x


“Be you, love you. All ways, always.” 
― Alexandra Elle

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