How Your Wardrobe Can Be A Reflection Of Your Emotional State (And Vice Versa)

Sometimes, in times of turmoil or emotional stress, I turn to shopping for literally anything. This isn’t great for my bank account, but most importantly, it doesn’t bring me the joy that I think it will.


I recently went through my wardrobe, and realised that so much of what I was storing in there was not bringing me any happiness and it made me feel rather sad. To combat this, I decided to clear out and donate a significant amount of clothing. This included dresses, t shirts, jeans, shoes, skirts, and pyjamas. I only donated items that I thought would be of use to someone else and not just junk that I was turning into someone else’s problem.


After this, there were still a few items that I had that I knew I wouldn’t be wearing anytime soon (if at all), but I felt that donating them wasn’t the wisest choice. My sister then introduced me to Facebook Marketplace. Over this weekend, I have already sold seven items and feel so much better about what’s left in my wardrobe!


The reason that so many items were bringing me down, is due to the period of time in which I purchased them. Over the past two years, I went through a difficult time and struggled with not feeling like myself. Towards the end of 2018, I started to get on top of things and move forward and am now feeling so much more positive. During that time though, to make myself feel better, I would just buy buy buy anything that fit. Even if it didn’t suit me that well or the colours or style didn’t flatter me, I would purchase it. Having clothes available to me that fit were all that I wanted.


The difference to where I am now, is that I am trying to be more mindful with my purchasing and making sure I am trying things on in store or when they are delivered from online purchases. If I don’t love it or I’m trying to find a reason to keep or purchase it, then I put it back on the rack or return it. Instead of making multiple purchases, I take inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest and create mood boards of what I want and how I would style all different items. Life’s too short to wear things that don’t help you feel confident or like the bad a** person that you are. I’ve shared some photos below of some items that are bringing me joy and inspiring me daily:



If you feel good on the inside, then what you purchase and choose to wear should reflect that on the outside.


So, take this as your cue to go through your wardrobe and Marie Kondo the heck out of it. Anything that doesn’t bring you joy or takes you back to a time that incites bad memories, then make the decision to donate or sell it. You will honestly feel so much better and it makes it easier to get dressed in the morning to ensure that you feel amazing.

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Have you cleaned out your wardrobe recently? If so, how did it make you feel?



Gabby x


“Fashion changes, but style endures.” 
― Coco Chanel


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