Valentine’s Day Gin & Tonic

In the spirit of February, I thought I would kick things off with a (I put this lightly) recipe for a Valentine’s Day themed gin and tonic. In reality, a gin and tonic is suitable for any occasion and you don’t necessarily need a recipe, but this one bumps it up a notch with Beefeater pink gin to fit the theme. In any given week, I love to kick up my feet on a Friday afternoon with a gin and tonic so I figured it was the perfect concoction to share on my blog.

You will need:
– 30ml Beefeater pink gin
– 200ml (one bottle) FeverTree Mediterranean tonic water
– dash of rose water
– ice

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It’s pretty simple and straight forward, but my goodness it is delicious. All I did to whip this up was pour the gin into a tall glass, followed by a good handful of ice cubes, the bottle of tonic water and a dash (you really only need a small amount) of the rose water. You can get this tonic water from most supermarkets (in Australia) or a bottle shop. The rose water can also be purchased from a supermarket or a deli.

Once all the ingredients are in the glass, I give it a good stir with a straw to make sure you aren’t leaving all of the alcohol for a big punch at the last sip!

The final step is to sit back with your significant other, your mum, your girlfriend, your cat or anyone else that you might like to spend Valentine’s Day with.

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Gabby x

According to chemists, gin IS a solution.” – Anon

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